Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the upcoming X International Symposium on Soil and Substrate Disinfestation, a unique opportunity to exchange with the scientific and stakeholder communities, the latest advances on control of soilborne diseases and nematodes. It has passed four years since our last symposium and many changes have arisen in relation to the topic. Next year we will have a chance to know how to face these changes and how to cope with the challenges of the new production requirements in terms of sustainability and profitability.

The symposium involves the ISHS Division Protected Cultivation and Soilless Culture, the ISHS Division Vegetables, Roots and Tubers, and the ISHS Working Group Soil Borne Pathogens, and will be held in Almería (Spain) from June 6th to 8th 2023. 

The scientific sessions will include hot current topics based on research and application around the Globe: Anaerobic soil disinfestation; Soil disinfestation and beneficial microorganisms; Disinfestation against nematodes; Soil solarization, biosolarization, biofumigation and nonfumigant soil disinfestation technologies; Soil disinfection technologies; Cultural practices and Combined Control Measures; and Resistant Cultivars and Grafting for Soil-Borne Disease Management. 

We look forward to seeing you all during the next X International Symposium on Soil and Substrate Disinfestation in 2023. 

Organizing Committee